Imaging Cytometry

Imaging Cytometry, specifically using the ImageStream, has the potential to generate vast amounts of data very quickly. The instrument combines the high sample throughput of a flow cytometer with the imaging data of a fluorescence microscope.

Despite the latest versions of the instrument being incredibly easy to use, experimental design, optimisation and data analysis are all potential blocks to new users taking advantage of this potential.

We have more than twelve years experience of helping people with their ImageStream experiments, both as the official UK applications specialist and then through InCytometry.

We can help you plan, design and optimise your experiment via email and remote meetings and can also advise on suitable reagents.

We also offer a three-part remote training course for the IDEAS data analysis software. Each session of this course is two hours long and with a week between each session, there is plenty of time for trainees to practice each part before we move on to the next. As the training is provided remotely, it can be run at a time that suits you and can have as many trainees attend as necessary.