Remote Training

We are able to offer most of our training, courses and support remotely, using Microsoft Teams. This allows trainees to join the course from their office, bench or even from home with ease. Where necessary we post out the course manuals to the organiser (or even individually) ahead of time.

Remote courses have several benefits to you:

  • There is no need for you to book a training room
  • A full day course can easily be split into two halves for easier scheduling
  • A half-day or even shorter training session can be arranged
  • Trainees can attend from home, saving them travel time
  • We can be more flexible with start/end and break times
  • You can have more than ten trainees attend
  • The course is significantly cheaper, meaning that the cost per trainee is much lower (£40 or less)

In addition to the above benefits to you, it also reduces the environmental impact of us visiting your site, which will be a huge pressing concern for the future!

Although we are based in the UK, we can (and do) provide remote courses to the US and even further afield. Wherever you are, we can provide a course for you!